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Success often has to do with vision. That is why it is so important for us to be able to offer appropriate services. These are not only directly on the pulse of time, but also bring you as a customer immediate added value. This is especially true for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) as well as for a successful effective mixture of both components, the so-called Mixed Reality.

Our services include on the one hand, industry-specific consulting, individual software solutions and on the other hand, of course, support and further development of your products. We as an AR agency always contribute to making your visions come true.

Future-oriented software plays an important role in this context and this is exactly what we focus on: on new technologies that not only convince, but are guaranteed to inspire!

Augmented reality „the next big thing”: software of the future

If you are a company looking for effective AR software, we will be happy to support you as an experienced augmented reality agency.
In an age where most consumers prefer to use online platforms and apps, getting the attention of potential customers is a growing challenge.

The answer can be found in new technologies and software solutions, such as mixed reality technology. New things always captivate people and thus also potential consumers, and so the desired effect can also be exploited in marketing terms.

But also in times of shortage of skilled workers, our software solutions can help you to advance your trainees or even employees in the training of your activity. Individual work steps are displayed in the user’s field of vision with the HoloLens data glasses from Microsoft. With the help of the AR glasses, the employee receives each individual step of the work process displayed and explained in real time.

geführter workflow hololens, AUGMENTED REALITY AGENTUR

Guided workflow

Mixed reality makes it very easy to design workflows and guide people step by step through work processes. The best thing about it is that employees have both hands free thanks to the AR glasses and can go about their work unhindered.

Real-time quality controls

With the help of headsets such as a Microsoft HoloLens, quality checks can be carried out in real time. Employees receive all relevant information directly on the glasses.

Qualitaetskontrolle HoloLens



Do not hesitate to contact us. In a first non-binding conversation we will find out how we can help you and whether our solutions fit you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Augmented reality can significantly simplify planning in the construction industry. Data can be visualized in real time on the construction site and make a major contribution to implementing the work on budget and on time.

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Working together

Augmented Reality enables us to work on 3D models together with other people – directly in the web browser, on the tablet or in the HoloLens 2. You too can profit from the advantages of Mixed Reality, find out more here.

Gemeinsames arbeiten Datenbrille

Fernwartung HoloLens Remote Support

Remote Maintenance & Collaboration

Smart infrastructure makes it possible to work together across distance. This avoids travel times and at the same time speeds up communication. Support scenarios can also be mapped very easily via the same system.

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Process optimization made easy with HoloDesk

Our specially developed AR App solution called HoloDesk supports you if you want to increase the effectiveness of your work steps.

With our HoloDesk app, location-independent collaboration becomes easy. You get the opportunity to work together on 3D models and projects in real time, whether with AR data glasses like the HoloLens or with a tablet or other devices.

Saving costs and time are just some of the benefits that AR technology brings. Our agency is the right partner for you when it comes to novel and effective industrial digitization projects. Benefit from efficient process optimizations in your company to not only survive in the competitive market, but also to be one step ahead.

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